What are the common towing misconceptions and how to avoid them?


A number of towing misconceptions are common among people that lead to various safety hazards on a regular basis. One of the main reasons behind the prevalence of various towing misconceptions is the lack of proper information and guidance. A number of blogs on the internet related to the towing industry promising people to help them save money through unprofessional tips are the main cause of spreading the misconceptions. These misconceptions result in people not taking proper care, which in turn results in all sorts of problems such as costing people more money due to damage to the vehicle and property. In this article below, we will explain some of the most common misconceptions that are prevailing in the towing industry and help people avoid making the common mistakes.

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Upgrading the trailer hitch can increase the trailers’ towing capacity

Most people are of the opinion that upgrading the hitch of the trailer can increase its capacity to pull more weight. However, it is one of the major towing misconceptions, as a hitch cannot override the settings that have been set by the manufacturer of the trailer. Even a new hitch cannot surpass the limit even though it can maximize the capacity of the trailer to pull the weight within the limits that have been defined by the manufacturer. Therefore, it is recommended that the weight limit should always be considered while selecting a trailer for the towing process.

Making a guess of tongue weight

Most people tend to estimate the weight of the tongue on their own without employing any professional equipment. This is unprofessional and leads to problems since an incorrect estimation of tongue weight can cause severe damage. Therefore, we recommend calculating the tongue weight with the help of professional equipment in order to avoid exceeding the limit and to maintain a proper balance on all sides of the axel.

Maintenance of trailer bearing is not important

One of the most common towing misconceptions people believe in is that trailer bearings do not require proper maintenance on a regular basis. However, bearings are present in the trailer’s

wheel assembly and require proper maintenance on a regular basis in order to keep functioning smoothly. In case, the trailer bearings are not inspected and maintained on a regular basis, they will start to get rough and have major impacts on the performance of the trailer during the towing tips. Therefore, we recommend cleaning and lubricating the bearings in order to avoid various issues.